Busting Media Shredding Myths

May 26, 2017 Published by

In a world where you can get any information in seconds just by clicking a few buttons, you’d think that we’d stop believing false ideas about certain industries. That being said, there are a few things about media shredding that need to be set straight. That’s why we’re here to debunk some of the myths people believe about their computers and hard drives.

Software programs erase everything on your hard drive.

Even the best information-erasing programs don’t get everything off of your hard drive. In the same regard, deleting files doesn’t erase them entirely either. A skilled hacker could still steal your information from your hard drive.

Using magnets erases data.

Back in the day, it was believed that putting a magnet on the side of your hard drive would damage it and erase the data on it. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s no longer the case since hard drives are much more magnet-resistant these days.

Stockpiling your hard drives and computer prevents information theft.

This is a huge media shredding myth! Since many companies don’t have a proper protocol for hard drive destruction, they often stockpile old computers and hard drives in storage rooms. However, just because they’re locked up, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stolen. Plus, a thief will be able to take more information since it’s all in one place.

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