How To Declutter Your Office

February 8, 2017 Published by

Nothing beats walking into work in the morning to see your office littered with papers and files, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, having a more organized office can increase your productivity and happiness at work. In order to get there, follow our tips to decluttering your office.

  1. Set aside time. This isn’t going to be a 10-minute job. Schedule time in your calendar dedicated to cleaning your office. You should plan to spend at least 30 minutes doing this, but if your office is especially messy, give yourself more time or multiple cleaning sessions.
  2. Tackle your desk first. This is likely where you spend most of your time, so declutter this first. Take everything off of your desk except the essentials – your computer, phone, and a maybe a notepad and pen. Neatly store anything else in your desk drawers, and toss all unnecessary papers into a side pile.
  3. Tear through the paper pile. Show no mercy, and get rid of anything that isn’t important. Magazines and newspapers? Chuck them. Paid bills over a year old? Trash them. Scribbled notes to yourself? Toss them, Curry-style.
  4. Go upward, not outward. If you are someone who writes notes as reminders, don’t scatter them all over your desk. Place a cork board on the wall, and pin the notes, and any other reminders or calendar pages, above your desk instead. This saves space and visually looks better and cleaner.
  5. Utilize every space. Don’t let the empty space under your desk go to waste. Place easy-open baskets or boxes there for quick and removable storage. If you want a more permanent solution, install a couple of under-desk shelves.

Having a decluttered office allows you to move around and find things more easily. Now, once you’ve cleaned up, what should you do with the trash from that paper pile? Shred it, of course! Sending your unwanted papers to Complete Shredding Solutions is safer than disposing of them yourself, especially if those papers contain sensitive information.

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