How to Make Your Small Business Green

August 4, 2017 Published by

In today’s pro-sustainability world, it’s a wonder that more companies aren’t jumping on the “green” bandwagon. Many customers are looking to do business with companies that have a genuine interest in protecting our environment through how they conduct their business. If you want to make your small business green, here are a few changes you can try.

How to Make Your Small Business Green

Eliminate Plastic Where You Can

If you stock your break room with plastic cups and plates or use them to serve customers, make the switch to biodegradable paper items instead. You can even go a step further and use products that are already made of recycled materials.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Typical store-bought cleaning products contain all sorts of chemicals that are harmful to the air and the people breathing them in. Green cleaning products are devoid of those harsh chemicals, making the air in and around your business much safer and healthier.

Switch to LED Lights

Traditional light bulbs use a lot more energy than LED bulbs and don’t last nearly as long. Using LED lights will keep more bulbs out of landfills and cut down on energy usage — which saves you money.

Use Energy Star Appliances

Do you have a fridge and microwave for your employees to use throughout the day? To make your small business green, make sure those appliances are Energy Star, so you can cut down on your utility usage.

Go Digital

When it comes to paperwork or receipts, skip the paper, and use digital copies. Not only does this cut down on paper waste, but it lowers the amount of money you’ll spend on paper.

When it comes to disposing of documents you have within your small business, contact Complete Shredding Solutions. We recycle all the paper we securely shred, reducing our carbon footprint on the environment and reducing the number of trees being cut down to make more paper. For more information or to schedule a paper shredding service, call us at 516-442-1624.