Wrong Ways You’re Getting Rid of Your Hard Drive

September 6, 2017 Published by

We’re sure you’ve seen videos online of people going wild trying to destroy their computers and hard drives. While those methods may be great for video views, they’re really bad for both your physical and personal identity safety. These wrong ways you’re getting rid of your hard drive can have negative effects on you and those around you.

Wrong Ways You’re Getting Rid of Your Hard Drive

  • Bashing It with A Hammer: All this will do is cause tiny pieces of glass, plastic, and metal to fly all over the place, and that doesn’t even guarantee that your information is completely destroyed.
  • Burning It in the Fireplace: Plastic and fire don’t mix. You’d need a seriously high temperature to melt the hard drive, and even then, the dangerous fumes from the plastic would circulate your home for your family to breathe in. (Not good!)
  • Shooting It: First off, that is not how you practice proper gun safety. Secondly, a few bullet holes in your hard drive won’t make your information impossible to steal.
  • Throw It Into a Lake: We’re pretty sure a hard drive isn’t the best type of bait to attract fish. But seriously, a little water logging still won’t ensure your information is totally gone.
  • Dip It In Acid: We don’t know you would have acid lying around, but one wrong move and forget getting rid of your hard drive — you’ll end up getting rid of your skin.
  • Recycling It: There’s no way of knowing that someone won’t just reach into your bin and steal your hard drive right out.
  • Wiping It with a Program: Sorry — no program wipes your hard drive completely.

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