Where Your Healthcare System May Be Lacking Security

November 21, 2017 Published by

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of information people take most seriously: their financial information and their medical information. That’s why so many lawsuits result from the mishandling of medical records. The best way to prevent these kinds of incidents is by having a solid plan to keep client information safe. That’s why you need to be aware of the places your healthcare system may be lacking security.

Your Old Medical Files

If you’ve digitized your healthcare system, holding onto the old paper copies of patient files can put you at risk for a security breach. Once you have backed up those records to a digital system, shred the paper files to avoid having them fall into the wrong hands.

Your Mobile Devices

Whether it be a laptop used to quickly record patient data or a cell phone that employees use to communicate information quickly across floors, any mobile device you use needs to be securely kept track of to avoid having it (and patients’ information on it) stolen.

Your Digital Security System

Every device that stores patient information needs to be secured with firewalls and encryptions that make them difficult to hack. This helps protect them from hacking software that can remotely steal patient information in minutes.

Your Employee’s Social Media

While some patients don’t mind being featured on an office’s social media accounts, that’s not the case for everyone. If your employees post pictures, videos, or even just the name of a patient without his or her written consent, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit.


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