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x-ray Shredding service

Under HIPAA regulations, it is crucial to ensure the safe destruction or recycling of x-ray films, as they contain sensitive healthcare data. Complete Shredding Solutions offers specialized x-ray shredding services that not only comply with these regulations but also provide a secure way to recycle medical records and reclaim valuable silver from your x-ray films.

As a certified, HIPAA-compliant company, Complete Shredding Solutions not only offers cash back for your x-ray films but also guarantees their safe disposal in line with all necessary compliance regulations. Upon destruction, we provide a Certificate of Destruction to verify that all records have been recycled according to industry standards.

The Process

At Complete Shredding Solutions, we are equipped to handle x-rays, classified as Protected Health Information (PHI) under HIPAA. We place secure containers at your facility for the safe and orderly collection of x-ray films. Once these bins are full, we transport them back to our facility for secure shredding and recycling.

Our process ensures that your x-ray films are destroyed and recycled beyond recognition, offering a fast, convenient, and secure solution.

HIPAA compliant x-ray shredding and recycling

Whether you’re an independent practitioner or part of a large healthcare facility, protecting your patients’ health data, including x-ray films, is paramount. Complete Shredding Solutions’ x-ray disposal service is a safe, cost-effective solution to dispose of these records responsibly.

We will provide you with a required certificate of destruction.

Call today and ask about our CASH BACK program for x-ray recycling and silver recovery.

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