How Drop-Off Shredding Works

August 23, 2017 Published by

When you use a professional shredding service, you have a lot of ways to safely dispose of your documents — one of the most popular methods being drop-off shredding. This service provides you with the most hands-on way of getting rid of your personal information. If you’re thinking about going this route, here’s how drop-off shredding works.

How Drop-Off Shredding Works

Gather all your information.

Go through your home or office, and gather up all of the documents you want to shred — old financial documents, copies of settled medical bills, etc. Then it’s time to hop in your car and start driving.

Head to our secure facility.

Come to one of our facilities in Oceanside on Long Island or in Midtown Manhattan. And don’t worry about how much you’re bringing — we accept all amounts of documents regardless of size.

Watch your papers get shredded.

Your documents will go straight from their boxes to our shredders. There’s no need to remove any paper clips, staples, or binder clips — our industrial shredders can handle that all. You’ll watch as your papers get shredded beyond reconstructive recognition. (Bonus: It’s really satisfying to watch all that paper turn to little bits of nothing.)

Get a certificate of destruction.

After all your documents are shredded, we provide you with a certificate of destruction as proof of your compliance with all privacy legislation. Then you go on with your day knowing your information is safe.

At Complete Shredding Solutions, we offer drop-off shredding services at affordable prices so you can protect your information without breaking the bank. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 516-442-1624.