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Implementing Data Security Policies

When it comes to ensuring your business follows proper data security, your protocol should go a lot farther than simply locking file cabinets and adding firewalls. Everyone in the company needs to understand your data security policies and know the consequences of breaking them in order to fully protect your business. Use these tips to implement data security policies in your business and protect you and your clients.

Be Specific

The more specific and transparent your business’ policies are, the fewer gray areas there will be to make a mistake. Have policies for different aspects of your company, such as a physical security policy, a limited access policy, an incident response policy, an employee training policy, and a firewall policy. Also — this should go without saying — make sure everyone knows and follows those policies.

Train Employees Regularly

In the busy day-to-day, data security policies may get put on the mental back-burner, so hold regular (quarterly or monthly) employee trainings to remind your staff of good practices and easy ways to avoid security mistakes. Your agenda can include password protocol, remote access security, and the proper disposal of documents and equipment.

Monitor Social Media

In certain industries, simply revealing that someone is a client at all is grounds for a security breach and potential lawsuit, especially when that information is revealed online. Make sure your employees understand what is appropriate to post on social media and what isn’t. And don’t assume only younger employees could be guilty of this error — older generations are sometimes more likely to commit social media offenses.

If you need help keeping your business safe from security breaches, contact Complete Shredding Solutions. We offer secure, professional document destruction shred services near me, so information isn’t around to be stolen or mishandled in the first place. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 516-442-1624.

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