A Pack Rat’s Guide to Shredding

May 3, 2017 Published by

If you’re one to save everything, you probably noticed that over time, all those receipts, bank statements, and other papers start to pile up in your home. Some may even call you a pack rat because you think you need to keep it all. But the thing is, you don’t. If you’re drowning in papers you’ve yet to get rid of, follow this guide from our shredding service.

Keep Forever:

These are the documents that you should never get rid of and should even make copies of. They are the paper form of your identity and could do major damage to your life if they end up in the wrong hands.

  • Birth certificates or adoption papers
  • Social Security cards
  • Passports or citizenship papers
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Death certificates of family members

It Depends:

Whether you should keep or shred these documents is circumstantial, so keep these rules in mind.

  • Auto and home deeds: Keep as long as you own the vehicle or property.
  • Disputed medical bills: Keep until the issue is settled.
  • Home improvement receipts: Keep until you sell your home and pay off any capital gains tax.

After Seven Years:

  • Tax-related receipts
  • W-2 forms
  • Tax-Related canceled checks
  • Tax deduction records

Up to One Year:

  • Pay Stubs
  • Bank Statements
  • Paid (and undisputed) medical bills

Shred Right Away:

  • Sales and ATM receipts
  • Paid credit card statements
  • Paid utility bills
  • Credit offers
  • Canceled checks (that aren’t tax-related)

Shredding your information keeps you and your family safe from identity theft and the damages that come with it. Complete Shredding Solutions safely, securely, and affordably destroys your documents beyond reconstructive recognition, so you are safe from identity theft. For paper shredding services near Long Island, in New Jersey, and nationwide, call us at 516-442-1624.