How to Save Paper in the Office

January 11, 2017 Published by

Between printing reports, client files, inventory sheets, and that one time you made it rain confetti on your coworker’s desk, offices are hubs for major paper usage. All that idle-lying paper builds up big waste and kills more trees in the process. Follow these tips for saving paper in the office.

  1. Make Double-Sided Printing the Office Standard: Print on both sides of the sheet whenever possible, especially for internal documents. Make “double-sided” the default setting on all office computers and printers, and use smaller fonts and margins to take up less room on the page.
  2. Save Single-Sided Pages: Instead of throwing out pages that were only single-side printed, save them to use for other printing projects. Have a bin next to the o
    ffice printer for papers that can be used to print drafts or other internal office material.
  3. Limit Paper Mailings: Only mail out information that is necessary for clients to receive, and save paper by printing addresses directly on envelopes instead of using labels. Remove your company name and address from irrelevant mailing lists as well, to stop receiving outside advertisements.
  4. Only Purchase Recycled Paper: The Natural Defense Council suggests office paper should be at least 30% recycled, if uncoated, and 10%, if coated. Aim to only purchase and stock your office with paper that has the highest percentage possible of recycled content.
  5. Encourage Others to Be Paper-Smart: Include footnotes at the end of all emails asking recipients to only print out information if it’s necessary. Have everyone reuse as much paper as possible, and include reminders around the office to print wisely.

Saving paper in your office is often easier than you’d think, but when you have documents that you can’t reuse, call Complete Shredding Solutions to help. We recycle all of the material we receive at our facility to help prevent more trees from being cut down to make paper.

Shredding large amounts of documents at your office takes forever and will most likely result in your shredder jamming or overheating. Complete Shredding Solutions offers AAA certified purge services and document destruction for Long Island and NYC. Call us today at 516-442-1642 to learn more about our secure paper shredding services.