Tips for Organizing Paperwork

February 1, 2017 Published by

Does your office look like an avalanche of papers settled all over it? Do you have problems finding papers when you need them? Do you want to organize your paperwork but have no idea where to start? If so, you should follow these tips:

  • Be Simple: The last thing you need is to create a filing system that is more complicated than your files themselves. Work out a simple system that will be easy for you to figure out.
  • Fly the Colors: Color-coding is one of the best ways to organize basically anything. Adding color to your filing system can help you find paperwork more quickly and easily, as well as make your organization prettier.
  • Invest in a Good Filing Cabinet: Poorly made, and therefore cheaper, filing cabinets tend to become strained and difficult to open under the weight of your heavy files. Invest in durable, strong filing cabinets – you’ll thank us later.
  • Keep Important Papers Easily Accessible: While you want to keep important documents safe, you also want them readily available in case you need them. Keep track of documents like birth certificates, deeds, insurance policies, medical records, passports, and wills. You may want to keep some of these in separate files, while putting others in a safety deposit box.
  • Make it a Habit: After creating this wonderful filing system, stick to it. Take time each week, if not each day, to file away papers you’re no longer using. If you perform this task regularly, it should only take you a few minutes to get all your papers sorted away.

Organizing paperwork will always be a work in progress. You will always have new paperwork to file and find new ways to improve your filing system. So what happens with the papers you really don’t need to keep? You shred them with Complete Shredding Solutions, of course!

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