What Can I Shred?

June 23, 2017 Published by

When clearing out your home or office, there’s often a question that pops up in your mind — “What can I shred?” When it comes to protecting your personal information, the answer you want to hear to that question is usually, “anything.” And when you use Complete Shredding Solutions, that’s the answer you get. But to give you a more solid idea, here are some of the things you can shred with our shredding services.

What can I shred?

Financial Documents

If you don’t need them, you should get rid of them. Financial identity theft is on the rise, so shredding bank statements, tax returns older than seven years, pay stubs, and any other documents you don’t need to hang onto is a good idea.

Medical Records

Medical records can give a person’s name, birthday, social security number, and more. HIPPA violations are taken very seriously, so you should shred all unnecessary medical records to protect your clients and your business.

Hard Drives and Computers

No matter what program you use, skilled hackers can still get information off wiped hard drives and computers. Media destruction is just as important in protecting personal information as paper shredding.

Filing Folders

All of those documents you had lying around were probably stored in filing folders. Clear the clutter, and send them over to our facilities.

Staples and Binder Clips

No, you’re not going to have to sit there and remove all the paper clips, staples, and binder clips from your documents before you have us shred them. Our industrial shredders can handle them without a problem.

If you’re unsure if you can shred certain things, give us a call at 516-442-1624. We offer paper shredding services and media shredding services to meet your needs — no job is too big or small at Complete Shredding Solutions!