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Why You Need to Shred Old Devices

Have you ever taken a hammer to an old phone or computer in an effort to destroy the information on it? It’s pretty satisfying right. That is until you (hopefully) realize that those methods really don’t do anything besides give you a way to blow off steam by being destructive. If that’s surprising to you, here’s why you need to shred old devices.

Restoring your phone to factory settings doesn’t really work.

Most cell phone companies will advise you to restore your phone to factory settings to erase the information on it. However, studies have been done that show that 80% of the time, authentication tokens were able to be found and used to access confidential information on those restored phones. Basically, that means that 80% of the time, your information can still be accessed on an old device.

Hammers don’t do much of anything.

Just because you take a hammer to an old phone, computer, hard drive, or other devices, it doesn’t mean your information is gone. While the device may look destroyed, the memory chip and other information components could still be perfectly intact. You can only guarantee that your information is safe by shredding your device.

It only takes a bit of information to get your identity stolen.

Think of all the personal information you’ve downloaded onto your computer or even have in your email. All it takes is a hacker finding out a couple of small pieces of information to have your identity stolen.

At Complete Shredding Solutions, we are experts when it comes to information elimination. We offer media shredding services as well as paper items at affordable prices. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 516-442-1624.

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