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Protecting your information is serious business and improper disposal of documents can lead to disaster. The dangers of personal and corporate identity theft are real and the results can be devastating. Don’t be a victim.

When you choose Data-Struction you do more than shred paper, you shred liability. We destroy the information that exposes you to risk while keeping you compliant with all federal and state laws. You can be confident that Data-Struction will do the job because we are “Information Elimination™”


Our rigorously trained and insured service agents are the pride of our company. Uniformed representatives gather your papers in locked document storage receptacles in preparation for transfer to our high security facility for shredding. The collection process is performed in an efficient and timely manner while remaining respectful of your office environment.


What makes Data-Struction different from other companies? Price.

How do we do it? Our high security facility is equipped with a commercial powered shredder that has the capability to finely shred 20,000 pounds of paper an hour! That enables Data-Struction to bring the savings to the consumer.

Data-Struction destroys your confidential documents in a safe and efficient manner and provides you with a certificate of destruction as proof of your compliance with all privacy legislation.

Remember, Data-Struction offers you secure paper shredding, serviced by our professionally trained agents at an affordable price.

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