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Our Best Tips for Decluttering Your Desk

Don’t you love walking into your office in the morning and spending twenty minutes cleaning off your desk before you can actually start working? Yeah, we didn’t think so. With a little help and hard work, you can walk into a clean workspace and get right to the daily grind. These are our best tips for decluttering your desk.

Get Rid of the Knick-Knacks

We know you like having a personalized desk, but you don’t need an entire sports memorabilia collection adorning your workspace. Limit the decorations to two to three items.

Figure Out What’s Necessary

Do you really need a stack of file folders on your desk at all times or two different pen holders? If certain items aren’t must-haves for your desk, store them somewhere else or bring them home.

Sort Drawers by Importance

Store items you need often in the drawers closest to you and items you don’t use as much in farther drawers. This way your not leaving things on your desk and can simply put them into the appropriate drawer nearby.

Have In and Out Folders

Forget leaving papers lying around willy-nilly. Have a basket for papers you need to get to (In) and a basket for papers you’ve dealt with and need to store away (Out).

Stop Using Sticky Notes

Sure they’re great for easy reminders, but sticky notes add so much clutter to your desk, even if it’s just visually. If you absolutely need to use them, throw them out immediately after completing the task they’re about.

Digitize Files When Possible

If you don’t have to take up space with physical papers, digitize them, and store the files on an secure, external hard drive.

Get Rid of Trash Right Away

Don’t leave empty coffee cups or snack wrappers on your desk — it just adds to the clutter. Have a garbage can near you, and toss any trash into it as soon as you can.

Shred What You Don’t Need

There’s no need to hold onto files you don’t need — plus it’s a security risk. Shred any files you can get rid off.

At Complete Shredding Solutions, we’re experts at document destruction and helping you declutter your home or work space. For more information or to schedule a paper shredding near me, call us at 516-442-1642.

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