Why You Need to Stop Hoarding Information

October 3, 2017 Published by

There’s this running idea that holding onto your physical and digital data is a good idea. Well we’re here to tell you — that idea needs to go. There are many dangers that come with holding onto information for longer than you have to. That’s why you need to stop hoarding information and learn to let it go.

Why You Need to Stop Hoarding Information

Security Reasons

While you may think that your information is safer with you, that’s not necessarily true. Hoarding information gives thieves the opportunity to steal large amounts of it. If you don’t need it anymore, you’re better off destroying papers and other data.

Productivity Issues

Studies have shown employees can spend 30-40% of their time looking for information before actually finding and using it. That’s a big waste of time. Instead, securely store information in any organized fashion, and get rid of anything else just taking up space.

Money Issues

You’re filling file cabinets with documents, and those cabinets cost money to buy and maintain. If you’re hoarding information, you’re wasting money on unnecessary storage when those funds could be used elsewhere.

Response Time Issues

If your information system is breached, all that information could prevent your team from responding in a quick manner since they’ll have to go through all that information first before finding the actually problem.

Server Issues

So much of the information saved of your company servers goes untouched for years, making your servers slower for no good reason. Stop hoarding information and hard drives, and wipe anything you don’t need.

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