What To Do If Your Business Suffers Identity Theft

August 9, 2017 Published by

Identity theft is scary enough when it happens to you personally, but it’s even scarier when it happens to your entire business. There are probably going to be a million things running through your mind, but it’s important to take a deep breath and take the necessary actions in protecting yourself and your clients if your business suffers identity theft.

What To Do If Your Business Suffers Identity Theft

Protect Your Liquid Accounts

Call your bank immediately to protect any debit cards or other cash accounts linked to your business. Businesses usually have a smaller window of time to report fraud in and hold more liability, so it’s imperative to notify your bank of any fraudulent activity as soon as you discover it.

Call Your Credit Card Companies

If you suspect there has been fraudulent activity on your credit cards, call your credit company immediately so they can cancel the cards, close your accounts, and review recent charges. If you know for sure that there were unauthorized charges on your card, work with your company to dispute them.

Report the Crime

Report the fraud crime to your local police station and get a case number. Make sure to hold onto that number in case your financial companies ask for it. If there are cases of misuse of your business registration, report them to your Secretary of State Corporation or Business Services.

Tell Your Suppliers and Creditors

Inform the suppliers and creditors your business works with, as well as any companies that were contacted falsely under your name, of any and all fraudulent activities that may involve them. This should be done in writing and followed-up with phone calls.

Collect Copies

As you go through these motions,  make sure to keep copies of all communication and reports done with your financial institutions, suppliers, etc. Send these documents to the law enforcement officers handling your case, making the records as thorough as possible.

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