Decorating Your Office for the Holidays

Get in the Holiday Spirit by Bringing Christmas to Your Cubicle

Bring the Holiday Spirit to Work
Getting into the holiday spirit at work is just one way to boost yours and your coworker’s morale! Sometimes, the holiday season seems to drag by because you’re stuck working when you’d rather be binging on Christmas movies, eating candy canes, and taking magical walks through the snow. If you’re one of the many stuck in a cubicle, don’t worry. If you can’t go to the north pole, bring the north pole to your office space simply by decorating!

Start with Simple Decorations Before Evolving
If you’ve never decorated before or you don’t know how your boss will react, start simple. String a few simple lights around the top of your cubicle. Don’t go so overboard that you blind your coworkers. A series of white lights would look great wrapped around your shelves or on the top of your computer. On the entrance to your cubicle, you can wrap spruce or pine garland. Not only does it give a fresh scent to your space, but it also looks great.

Small Touches Mean the Most
When decorating for the holidays, it’s all about the small touches. If you have some Christmas cards from home, tack them up in your cubicle. They look much better on display than tucked away in your drawer at home. You can also create small crafts to put on display:

  • Mini pinecone Christmas trees
  • Small boxes wrapped like presents
  • Put Christmas tree ornaments in a glass bowl to create a centerpiece



Make Holiday Crafts for a More Personal Look
If you’re feeling adventurous, then get into the holiday spirit by making crafts! A really fun one to do involves your coworkers. Start by cutting elves, reindeer, or snowmen out of construction paper. Next, you’ll want to print off small pictures of your coworkers. Cut their faces out and attach them to your paper elves and snowmen! You can either hang them up or give them away to your coworkers. They’re sure to be a hoot, and your cubicle might just become the most popular place to hang out! If you’d rather take a more simple route with crafts, you can always cut snowflakes out of paper, attach a string or ribbon, and dangle them from the top of your cubicle.

For a Final Touch: Add the Tree
Finally, nothing says Christmas like a tree. Most people would say go big or go home, but of course, you don’t want to make your boss made. Purchase a small Christmas tree that would sit nicely on your desk. It’ll be a warm reminder of the holiday. Overall, decorating for the holidays can be fun even for companies who take protecting your documents seriously. Therefore, check out Complete Shredding Solutions for all your business needs.


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