How to Use Less Plastic

December 11, 2017 Published by

Here is a handy guide from us on how to limit your plastic waste and usage. Remember to recycle!

Why are More People Limiting Their Plastic Usage?
Using less plastic is a movement that many people are getting behind. That’s because as time goes on, more research comes out which says just how harmful plastic is for the environment. Plastic can release chemicals that are harmful to soil, water sources, and the ecosystem. This can cause problems for animals that live there and drink the water. Animals are also killed by getting tangled in plastic. Luckily, all of this is preventable if we limit our use of plastic.

Stop Using Plastic Bags at Grocery Stores
Anytime you head to the grocery store, you’ll likely be asked: “would you prefer paper or plastic?” There are two choices you can make to cut down on plastic. You can ask for paper bags or you can bring your own reusable bag. Many grocery stores will also offer you an incentive if you bring your own bag or return plastic bags that you have at home.

Eliminate Plastic Consumption at Restaurants
When you’re out to eat, you can take a few simple steps to limit your plastic use. Don’t take a plastic straw, don’t use plastic cups, and don’t use the little plastic containers for your condiment. These are a few luxuries that you can actually go without, and it will end up making a big difference for the planet.

Purchase Your Food in Bulk Whenever Possible
So many food items in today’s society come in plastic containers. These are things like milk, juice, cereals, snacks, and more. To cut back on plastic, purchase these items in bulk and ration them in a reusable container. Also, avoid purchasing frozen foods because their packaging is plastic. When packaging up your food for lunch, use reusable containers and bags. Avoid plastic sandwich baggies. Same goes for your beverage. If you grab a cup of coffee every morning, see if your local shop can put your coffee in your portable to-go mug instead.

Conclusion: Small Changes Go a Big Way
All of these small changes go a long way to leave our planet a little better than the way we found it. It’s also important to choose businesses that are environmentally friendly. If you have recyclable materials at home that you need to dispose of such as paper, take them to a document shredding service.