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How Your Employees Could Cause a Security Breach

As a business person, we’re sure you take plenty of precautions when it comes to your data security. However, you’re only as strong as your weakest link — which could be an employee or several employees not practicing proper protocol when it comes to sensitive information. No matter how strong your systems are, there are a few ways your employees could cause a security breach.

How Your Employees Could Cause a Security Breach

They don’t use “the cloud” properly.

As much as we’d like “the cloud” the be secure, in reality, it’s a network and can be hacked. If your employees are putting information onto that network that shouldn’t be there, you could end up with a breach on your hands.

They use personal devices for work.

You put a lot of time and effort into making sure your computer systems are secure and safe from hacking — but personal tech companies don’t do the same. Unless you want a data breach, your employees should not be using their personal phones, computers, or email accounts when handling private information.

They misuse social media.

Not only do hackers often use social media sites as a way to get personal information, but in some industries, posting work-related material to social media can land you in hot water. For example, a nurse posting a picture of a patient without consent can end up violating HIPAA laws.

They inappropriately share information with third parties.

If there is no written consent from a client or patient to share his or her information with another party when it is not related to medical reasons, you are violating privacy laws and could suffer a security breach if that shared information is misused.

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