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One of the scariest discoveries in the world is finding out your identity has been stolen. The typical immediate response is to

Each of us carries a photo ID that tells the world who we are. But there’s a lot more that goes into

In a world where you can get any information in seconds just by clicking a few buttons, you’d think that we’d stop

Bobby listened as John explained that his company’s system had been hacked and that a ton of client information was stolen.  He

Complete Shredding Solutions aims to offer you and your business safe and affordable paper shredding and media shredding services. But what exactly

If you’re one to save everything, you probably noticed that over time, all those receipts, bank statements, and other papers start to

It’s the most dreaded time of the month – the time when you have to sit down and pay your bills. After

It was regular Monday afternoon at XYZ Financial. The staff was relaxed after a good weekend, and all were excited to use

If your home or office looks like Mount Everest, except with paper instead of snow, you might have an issue when it

We do our best to protect ourselves from the flu and heart disease, but there’s an illness out there that can virtually

Dear John, It’s your home shredder, Shawn, here. Listen, I’m going to do my best to be civil, but I’ve got a

If you’re holding onto documents you no longer need, you’re running the risk of having your information fall into the wrong hands.

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