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When someone trusts you with a secret of theirs, you have a small weight on your shoulders. When someone trusts you with

Think about how much paper is probably used each day in schools: notebooks, handouts, homework assignments, memos – the list goes on.

Whether you manage client data or are simply in charge of keeping your own personal information secure, you’ll probably agree with us

From painting to penning the Great American novel, there are so many things you can do on paper. Plus, we promise it’s

Nothing beats walking into work in the morning to see your office littered with papers and files, right? Wrong! Believe it or

Does your office look like an avalanche of papers settled all over it? Do you have problems finding papers when you need

The best way to improve our carbon footprints and help our planet is by recycling and reusing as much material as we

If someone browsed your computer, what would they find? We’re guessing a lot of photos, some music, and a bunch of deleted

Between printing reports, client files, inventory sheets, and that one time you made it rain confetti on your coworker’s desk, offices are

At the beginning of each year, many of us decide to live better by promising ourselves to lose weight, eat healthy, or

In today’s technologically-advanced age, getting ahold of information is often as easy as clicking a few buttons. While this is convenient when

Whether you run a business with classified documents or you simply have a home filled with forms from decades past, professional shredding

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